Dolph and the babies win!

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Happy 34th Birthday Nicholas “Dolph Ziggler” Nemeth  (July 27, 1980) 

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Ziggles has a beautiful smile, but poor bby can’t dance.

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I have nothing to be mad about with that PPV, I’m content as hell right now.

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It would’ve meant so much more if he won clean tho…


I kinda want a rematch with Seth, Dolph, and Dean for the contract.

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Please don’t let anybody especially my boysget hurt in these ladder matches.

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My picks for tonight. But when it comes to the actual ladder matches I can’t decide!

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Ziggles over here making me tear up. I believe in you, Dolph!

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Seth’s in the second MITB match.

I wanna see Dean and Ziggles in it too!

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Dolph vs Seth again.

I’ll let y’all know when I get tired of it in 3045.


Oh hey Seff, you dropped the vest…

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