HAI Ziggles!

September 8th 2014   1 notes  

This right here will be my future child. So cute!

August 20th 2014   1097 notes  

Still champ tho…


August 18th 2014   33 notes  


Ziggles did it!

August 17th 2014   77 notes  

Shut up and bring me Ziggles.

August 17th 2014   8 notes  

My picks! 

It feels so weird being back on Cena’s side 100%

August 17th 2014   19 notes  

Dolph you know you’re wrong for that one!

"We all have always wondered what Catwoman would look like if she did CrossFit."

August 8th 2014   105 notes  

Dolph and the babies win!

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Happy 34th Birthday Nicholas “Dolph Ziggler” Nemeth  (July 27, 1980) 

July 27th 2014   587 notes   - via / source

Ziggles has a beautiful smile, but poor bby can’t dance.

July 14th 2014   5 notes  

I have nothing to be mad about with that PPV, I’m content as hell right now.

June 30th 2014   39 notes  

It would’ve meant so much more if he won clean tho…


I kinda want a rematch with Seth, Dolph, and Dean for the contract.

June 29th 2014   12 notes  

Please don’t let anybody especially my boysget hurt in these ladder matches.

June 29th 2014   128 notes  
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